In the divinatory art of geomancy, amissio symbolizes the classical elements of fire and water, intent and reflection, loss and giving and love. This website is the little gift of a philosopher and mystic to those who also seek a way Beyond.


I write quite a bit: mostly meditations on classical philosophy, accounts of weird things I've experienced, or summaries of things I've read lately. It's really all just written for myself, but I post it online in the hopes that some of it may be of interest to others, too.

Learning Ancient Greek

In studying classical philosophy, I've come across references to a lot of things I'd like to read which have never been translated (for example, Johannes Stobaeus's Anthology) or which are untranslatable (for example, poetry and hymns). I began the process of learning ancient Greek so I could read these. But, I'm an autodidact by nature, and textbooks are written to be studied in a classroom setting, so I'm having to do the work the hard way. I've been posting my study notes online as I do so in case it is helpful to anybody else in a similar situation.


We moderns have access to a wealth of public domain texts on the Internet, but these are often in the form of poor-quality scans, which are not very pleasant to read. I have transcribed a number of these using LaTeX, so that I might print and read them more comfortably.


Geomancy is a divinatory art, and is useful as such, though I think it is even more interesting as a sort of calculus or logical system for understanding change. I participate in a study group on Dreamwidth, and have made several tools in order to facilitate discussion there.


One of my computer science teachers used to say, "Good programmers always draw their pictures." I suppose that's stuck with me: I prefer to work on paper rather than on screen whenever possible. To facilitate this, I sometimes make little templates that I can print out and work with.

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